What Is Fiber Optic Internet?

The predicaments of a modern world

It is very important to remain fully informed as well as up to date about the current major events around the world. The easiest way of accomplishing that goal today is to use the Internet. The Internet is the single most wide spread and useful electronic media today, which is why billions of people worldwide are browsing it on a daily basis, in search of much useful information. However, the speed of the Internet is a very important factor that affects the quality of the connection, which is why people are always searching for new ways of improving the Internet experience. Recently, a new way of enhancing the speed and quality of the internet service was discovered, and it has been named fiber optic internet.

The general info

After reading these lines, surely one of the questions that are running around your brain is “what is fiber optic internet?” Well, in the simplest of words, it represents a newly available type of internet service that already promises to be very advanced as well as very fast. Incredibly fast, actually. In essence, fiber optic communication is a convenient way to use pulses of light generated by a laser to transmit and deliver data. After all, keep in mind that cellular phones used to be huge dimensions almost a decade ago, and now communication technology has progressed to a level in which data can be passed through a fiber optic cable that can be as thin as a fishing line.

The great thing about fiber optic cables is that they possess the ability to conduct various types of data, which can be ultimately translated into movies, pictures, sounds etc. However, at this point you’re probably asking yourself: how is your computer able to make sense of these light beams and understand them? Well, you’ve probably never heard of an Optical Network Terminal, which is exactly the device that enables a computer to translate the light pulses into something it actually understands-electric signals.

Oh, yee of little faith

Chances are that you’re interested in fiber optic internet after soaking up these words, and no one can blame you. But, loyalty has always been a signature trademark of humans (well, some of them, at least) and many won’t be persuaded by the simple, stand-alone tech specs of this new type of internet connection. They’ll want to stick to their old, tested and proven cable Internet connections, which is also completely understandable. But, here’s a small comparison that might be able to help you make better sense of this whole fiber optic vs. cable Net conundrum. In a drag race, if a 30 year old pick-up truck were to compete against a fresh of the assembly line slick sports car, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the sports car is far more likely to win and even go farther than the old rust bucket of a pick-up. It’s exactly the same with fiber optics and cable Internet: fiber optic cables are designed to have much smaller diameters and much less weight compared to standard cable Net cables, which is why they are able to carry data to much greater distances at much greater speeds.

The conclusion

It can be said, without a doubt, that fiber optic internet is a true revelation when it comes to the Internet as well as technology in general. When compared to the current cable Internet, if provides:

  • Greater speed
  • Greater range
  • Greater reliability
  • Less disturbances
  • Less network congestion
  • Less hiccups etc.

Who would have thought that someday people would be able to communicate and entertain themselves all around world at the speed of light? Truth be told, only several providers are currently taking it upon themselves to provide fiber optic Internet as a constant option, which is why availability is an issue at present. However, knowing how popular the Internet is, it is to be expected that soon fiber optic internet will thrive via millions of Internet providers worldwide.

What Is the Internet?

To the beginner, the Internet is explained as a massive, public, spider web of computer connections.

The Internet, or Net, or the World Wide Web, which are all commonly used terminologies, is a globally interconnected system of computer networks that use Internet Protocol (IP) standards to connect billions of users all over the world. It is the ‘network of networks’ that at any given time, interconnects academics, businesses, governments, private and public enterprises and billions of people. It has entirely transformed the manner in which people communicate, conduct business and socialize. The Internet has brought the world closer; a complex array of electronic, optical networking and wireless devices have shrunken spaces to nano degrees.

Internet Protocol (IP) refers to the principal standards or the protocol for relaying communications across networks. The routing function of Internet Protocol enables internetworking, thus establishing the Internet.

The hitherto traditional forms of communication between people and between countries like telephone, television, film and music are being redefined by the Internet, giving rise to newer and more advanced services that are precise with less room for error. Even traditional formats of media like newspapers and print publishing are undergoing changes to adapt to Internet technology; the obvious results, as we can see, are blogs and newsfeeds with instant updates.

Top Ten Uses of the Internet

There are many broad classifications of uses that the Internet provides along with a host of generic and purpose driven uses. Tasks made easier, problems resolved quicker and enormous time saving are some benefits of Internet usage. The Top Ten usages, not in any order of preference, are:

1. Communication – email
2. Research – websites that provide a world of information
3. Financial Transactions – banking & finance made easier
4. Education – reports, projects at every academic level
5. Job Searches – getting in touch with thousands of job opportunities
6. Blogging – networking and information shared
7. Online Bookings – transportation, travel and stays made easier
8. Leisure – indulging in hobbies and games, watching movies at your own time in your own space
9. Shopping – from the comfort of your home, especially in festive seasons
10. Real time updates – information on world events as they happen

To every current generation person, the world is an unthinkable place without the Internet! Today, the world is looking for smart options to cut down costs and better ways to use existing resources effectively and productively. Almost all businesses and corporate houses depend largely on the Internet and the facilities it provides to communicate with clients and market their services through website hosting and telecommunication. This is achieved by choosing services like Virtual Private Network and Voice-over Internet Protocol, which save time by sharing information and provide better communication lines to any part of the world at reasonable charges.

The Advantages Of Internet Consulting Services

The internet has become a vital tool for all businesses to help get the exposure they need, increase their customer base, and the internet helps businesses advertise to their key demographic. Using the internet to promote a business and increase its online presence can be a difficult task. This is why it’s very beneficial to look into getting internet consulting services.

Benefits of Consulting Services

It can be difficult knowing where to begin when it comes to using the internet to further the goals of a business. Internet consultants can help businesses know exactly where to begin. They will first assess a company’s needs. For instance, if a company has a website that is not getting much traffic, and the sales are very poor, an internet consultant can completely redesign the website in key ways to increase traffic. On the other hand, if a business has no online presence at all, then a consultant can create a website for them.

Increasing Website Traffic

When the traffic to a website increases, more people are visiting the site and potentially buying the product or service on it. This increases the customer base of a company in a way that only the internet can provide.

Businesses that don’t have the help of internet consultants will not have the tools and SEO strategies they need to increase website traffic. Just having a website is not going to automatically cause a ton of people to be guided to it. Websites are not very easy to find without the proper tools and SEO practices.

Internet consultants have the knowledge and tools necessary to help traffic to a website increase dramatically. SEO is very important to increasing traffic to a site because it increases the ranking of a webpage. Because of this, when people type in a word that is related to the company, its website will be high up on the list, so more people will see it and go to it.

Achieving a Company’s Online Goals

No matter what online goals a company may have, an internet consultant can help them achieve each one. Consultants have a detailed method of how they achieve the goals, and they will first begin by getting to know a company and what products or services they provide. Afterwards, they will create a game plan.

A proper plan is necessary to accomplish goals in an effective and timely manner. For instance, if a business plans on starting a blog to help get closer to their customers, they will not be successful in setting everything up without a good game plan. Internet consultants are experienced in all things concerning the internet and aiding businesses, so they can help a business set up a blog to benefit both the business and its customers.

Online Marketing

An internet consultant also has the skills necessary to market a business online. Online marketing is a cost-effective way to get exposure and more customers. Online marketing can also help businesses market specifically to their key demographic. Internet consultants can effectively market a business and help them succeed in the online world.

Internet consulting services are very beneficial to any business needing an online presence to increase their exposure and customer base. They have the tools and experience necessary to help businesses succeed in the online world.